Mario Kozina

Digital StillCamera

Mario Kozina (1987) holds a master’s degree in Comparative Literature from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb. In 2011, he was appointed one of the editors of the film magazine Filmonaut and he worked as a long term film critic on the Croatian Radiotelevision show Briljanteen (since 2008). He contributed papers to Hrvatski filmski ljetopis (since 2008), the programme Filmoskop broadcast on the Third Programme of Croatian Radio (since 2010), portals Filmski.net (2006–2007), Vip.movies (2007–2009), Kulturpunkt (2010), etc. He collaborates with several film festivals (ZagrebDox, Zagreb Film Festival) and he is one of the selectors for the competition programme of the 25 FPS Festival. He collaborates with the International Film Festival in Rotterdam as well. He was granted the Vladimir Vuković Croatian Society of Film Critics Award for best film critic in 2015.

Mirna Belina

mb2Mirna Belina (1979., Zagreb) is a researcher, writer and curator working in the field of experimental film and media art. She co-published a number of books on experimental film and expanded cinema and curated several film programmes for international film festivals and organisations. She studied literature and philosophy at Zagreb University and is currently pursuing her PhD in film.


Miloš Tomić – srbijanski multimedijalni umjetnik

kekou-tomic-3A stubborn filmmaker and a dabbler. Born in 1976 in Belgrade. He studied film directing and animation in Prague, Berlin, and Madrid. A traveling lecturer. Always on a bike. He usually finds the materials for his films among everyday and neglected situations, objects, stories… sometimes literally, digging through the garbage.