Permanent guest lecturers


Dinka Radonić – cinematographer

dinka_radonicShe was born in 1984 in Zagreb, where in 2009 she graduated from the department of film and television cinematography at the Academy of Dramatic Art. As a cinematographer has worked on numerous short films, documentaries and experimental films and music videos. As a lecturer she has participated in many workshops as part of a Restart, and Croatian Film Association.


Katerina Duda

Katerina-Duda_lff_film_full_lightboxKaterina Duda (1989) mastered Animated film and New Media at the Academy of Fine arts, and she mastered Sociology at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb. Lives and works in Zagreb, Croatia.




Bojan Mrđenović – cinematographer

Bojan_Mrđenović-fotkaBojan Mrđenović was born in 1987. in Virovitica, Croatia. He graduated in Art History and Information Science from Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb. He graduated in Cinematography from Academy of Dramatic Art, Zagreb. Since 2017 he is working as an associate assistant at the Department of Cinematography at Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. He works as a freelance cinematographer and photographer.


Vanja Jambrović – producer

vanjaVanja Jambrović was born in 1980 in Zagreb, Croatia. In 2005 she graduated philosophy and comparative literature at Faculty for social sciences in Zagreb and in 2011 graduated film production at Academy of drama art, also in Zagreb. Since 2008 she is working in film production as producer at Restart where she acts as one of the key producers. Until now Vanja produced as a delegate producer 4 documentaries (“Gangster of Love” and “Real Man’s Film” by Nebojša Slijepčević, “Don Juans: Excuse me Miss” and “Happy Land” by Goran Dević). Vanja also produced short fiction film “Boxed” by Nebojša Slijepčević.  Vanja is also working as coordinator of Restart Laboratory – platform for first time directors and coordinator for educational Masterclass program. Apart from production work Vanja is also working as researcher journalist for Croatian television, scriptwriter and a poet. Her book of poems “Poems for woolen nights” was awarded as the best Croatian book of poetry by young author in 2012.